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       The appearance of postoperative enterocutaneous fistula makes a deep trouble for the patient, a high concern to the surgeon and major economic costs for the institutions.

       Fortunately, surgeons rarely must afford such difficult problem. But, low habituallity in management of said complication generates doubts at time to choose the more suitable therapeutic strategy, which can hit negatively in the final result of the treatment. 

      Since 1998, we dedicated ourselves specially to the study of intestinal fistulas, thus we have received consults and patients from other health care centers of our country and neighboring countries which are attended in Hospital “Dr. I Pirovano” from Buenos Aires City in the public medicine, and prestigious clinics in the private practice.

     Nowadays we have adapted our human and material resources also to apply them to home care practice bringing more comfort to the patient and strongly reducing hospitalization costs.

    The accumulated experience throughout these years has allowed us to optimize the treatment improving in fistulas spontaneous closure and mainly obtaining a substantial mortality rate decrease. Furthermore, we have incorporated the use of novel methods like the Vacuum and Compaction System which it has allowed us to extend the assistance to the treatment of other complex wounds as the open abdomen.

     We used for these proceedings, an own digital and portable equipment designed specifically for treatment of enterocutaneous fistulas.

     This site is focused to those colleges who specialize in this subject or those who have or have had some difficult case. We presented here, prestigious physicians who complete our team and we summarize our experience in some of the most representative studies. The objective is to bring a useful tool to afford this problem in the current practice and to change more information about it.

Dr. Daniel Wainstein


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